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April 12, 2020

Learn more about what you can expect with our web-design & development process.

Each and every client we partner with is treated with energy, creativity, and individual passion to learn more about their needs and how CSS BI DESIGN can help them build their online brand.

We understand that we work for our clients and that’s why we will look after their brand with the same passion and integrity as our own.

Our project completion time for going live, after payment was made and all necessary information was provided is as follows:

Business Websites: 5-7 Business Days. | E-Commerce Websites: 8-14 Business Days

1. Project Scope & Needs Assesment

First things first, without understanding what our clients need, we cannot provide them with the correct solution. Our main goal is to understand the objective they want to achieve and from there we can provide the correct solution.

2. Cost & Invoicing

Once we understand the client's needs and can provide a solution, can we then provide the client with an outline of what the project cost would be!

The invoice we create will be the only cost to the client. There are ZERO hidden costs and the only fee payable upfront will be the invoice total. 

** Due to the ability to provide clients with no hidden costs and the best value at the most affordable price, do we charge 100% upfront payment.

3. Planning

For any project, we’ll incorporate a distinct plan to ensure the smooth completion of the client's website.

All requirements for the content, color scheme,  photography, product images, video, write-ups, pricing, and relevant information will be communicated to our clients.

4. Domain Registration & Design Process

Once the client has made payment and provided us with Proof of Payment, will we then start putting the pieces together.

  1. We will either register or transfer/migrate the client's domain over to our server.
  2. All required email accounts will be created and setup instructions forwarded to the client. Should we need to, will we provide FREE remote assistance in helping the client set up the email accounts.
  3. Our skilled developers and designers will then work as a team to create a unique website for our client.
  4. We will also provide the client with a 'live' link, enabling the client to see our progress and also comment on anything he might not be satisfied with.

5. First Proof and Feedback

We take a lot of pride in each and every website project. Only when we are satisfied and by satisfied, we mean truly satisfied, will we ask the client to look and make necessary changes.

Should there be any changes, will we first give attention to that before working on any other project so that client satisfaction can be achieved.


6. Going Live & Indexing Process

Once the client is satisfied and only after the client has given the go-ahead will we proceed in making the site live.

Once the site is live, a range of tasks are completed;

  1. SEO according to project scope is implemented.
  2. Website is being indexed in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  3. Analytics and webmaster tools are set up to follow success ratios and know where clients come from. These data are also used to provide clients with reports.
  4. Social media accounts are integrated with the website for social following and updates.
  5. The website is then shared on our social media platforms for exposure and help with indexing.

7. After Support and Maintenance

Just as any modern device, will any website also requires software updates to provide a layer of security and prevent hacking.

We do bi-monthly software updates to all our websites making sure the latest technology and security layers are installed.

Depending on what website was developed, do also provide FREE-OF-CHARGE monthly timed updates:

  • Normal Business Websites: 20-25 Minutes per month 
  • E-Commerce Websites: 30-45 Minutes per month.

This time can be used to update products, services, pricing, and contact details.

(Told you there are no hidden costs)

For A Free Quote or to discuss your next website project, Contact Us Today on:

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