The importance of a website for any business
Jan 15, 2019

When it comes to exposing your service or products to future clients, we know every start-up business owner is trying to save some money and want maximum exposure for as little as possible. Although, here is a question to ask yourself…

“Would you do business with any company that is too stingy to spend money on a professional website and owns a free email account from Google where any Tom, Dick and Harry can create a similar one?”

Your website is a 24/7 Customer Relationship Consultant, a Fully Trained Sales Force as well as the General Information hub for anyone who is looking for what you have to offer while watching a late night show.

Your business brand is the most important aspect of marketing and lets be honest, NO employee will work 24 hours a day. Yet you will pay your staff but don’t want to pay for your website?? First impressions do count, and how you represent your brand can either make or break your revenue stream.

Here are the five biggest reasons why you should not make use of free website builders.

  • Free website builders like Wix, Use Flash Technology…

Almost every free platform like Wix, use a technology called Flash when you create your free website. (P.s Wix has been trying to push HTML5 now so they do have that capability). Flash is so frowned upon that many phones don’t even display it, and some tablets don’t either. This means you’re already excluding a portion of people who might want to see your website. People who are perusing the web on their phones will have a hard time with your site.

  • When Google don’t like something and request clients not to make use of it, there is a reason for that…

A battle that has been going for a while now, is the one between Google and Wix and honestly, Google is not a fan of Wix, like nothing at all. Part of it is because of that Flash it uses. Your website will not rank well, which makes it harder for people to find. This will affect how much traffic you can potentially get because your site will not be search engine optimized. Wix does offer plenty of SEO plugins in their Market place, but those that are easy to use comes at a price and the free ones are just too complicated too use.

  • The Website speed is something from the nineties…

It has been proven that websites making use of free builders load slower than those built on HTML (like WordPress, Joombla, Drupal, etc.) and this will lose people who do want to read about you.

Why? We have very little patience and having to wait 10 seconds to see a website is something we’re not used to. We will just click off. Slow loading sites will turn visitors off, and first impressions on the web can be everything. It can keep someone from visiting your site again. AND with a slow loading website, you will be further penalized by search engines because they know that your site provides poor user experience and they won’t want to vouch for it. That goes back to Google not liking it. See? It’s a cycle of meh.

  • As mentioned, It Devalues Your Business Brand

Let’s do some math… currently has over 90 million users. On their website, they mention that they have about 500 customizable templates. If we do some simple math… 90,000,000 users / 500 templates = 180,000. That means that if you use Wix, you are probably using the same template as 180,000 other people. This really diminishes your brand in so many ways. Not only do 180,000 other brands resemble yours, customers know you are using a cheap website builder to create a website and brand. Customers want to know you are a legitimate business that spend to create a trustworthy impression! When you go the cheap route with your business website, you are going to get cheap results.

  • No Support

For any website to grow, you must water it. When you create a website with Weebly, Wix or Sqaurespace you don’t get the support you need or deserve. Is should not be your job to keep your website running and up-to-date! What if your website goes down or something stops working on it? Do you have the skills it takes to fix it before your customers notice? A lot of the time, certain pieces of a website can stop working and you may not even know it. Customers may be trying to contact you, but you’re not a webmaster, how would you know?

Having a dedicated support team is essential and necessary to having an online website. They can make sure your website is up, running and functional so that your customers can find you 24/7, 365.

Finally, our conclusion and something to think about…

In conclusion, it’s a very bad idea to create your business website using a cheap website builder like Wix, Weebly or Sqaurespace. Many customers shy away from businesses that use these types of services to create their website.

Instead, reach out to a professional website design company that can create a responsive website, have your brand best interest at heart, believes that service delivery comes first and all of that for an affordable price. Stop trying to do it yourself and redesign your website to adhere to the latest standards and SEO practices so that you can grow your online presence resulting in more traffic, leads and customers.

If you need any assistance, contact CSSbiDESIGN and we will provide you with free assistance and advice on what will be your best option available or you can still contact us and just chat about the weather if you want…

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